Who Ate The Cake?
Mum has been baking a cake today, but where has it gone?

Only six people knew that Mum had baked a cake that day - the twins Jim and Tim, Dad, Grandad, Maya the next-door neighbour, and the postman. The cake was on the kitchen table when Mum went into the garden to water her plants, but when she came back inside, it was gone! Who could have eaten it?

How did the plate get broken?

Whose finger prints were found on the plate?

Whose footprints were found on the kitchen floor?

The answer to these, and other questions will help you solve the mystery of Who Ate the Cake.

For Lower Primary

Who ate the cake? is written specifically for younger students, using suitable vocabulary and sentence structure for younger readers. Together with Where’s Felix? these two games are an ideal start with younger readers.

A Whole Term’s Work
Each Sleuth IT game comes with a term’s worth of resource materials for the teacher and student. A Teacher’s Guide and Student Journal (together with additional project files and templates) scaffold the lessons and projects on an episode by episode basis.  Sleuth IT is designed to be used in class and working from home. 

In game footage and exemplar material from the student journal are shown below.