Bridging the Gender Gap

Statistics from 2014 show that 1 in 5 children in England cannot read well by age 11.

Lacking vital literacy skills by this age will hold a person back at every stage of their education, and have a negative impact on their achievements for the rest of their life.

Research consistently shows that boys’ reading lags behind that of girls. The Boys’ Reading Commission Report of 2012 reveals that 76% of UK schools are concerned about boys’ underachievement in reading, and the reading gender gap continues to widen.


Encouraging Literacy Work

Sleuth IT adventure games encourage literacy with an immersive experience which places your students at the heart of a mystery to be solved. We have found this to be a great motivator, engaging students in learning and problem solving while they enjoy a gaming experience.

Reading for understanding is key to solving the mystery in our games. Students have to extract and assess information, analyse what people say, and make deductions from a variety of written material that they uncover during the game. They are encouraged to collaborate, communicate, and problem solve as part of a team to crack the case.

Differentiated Resources 

A key element of Sleuth IT games is the differentiated resources for students at all levels.

Because children learn at different rates, and have different levels of ability, all our KeyStage 2 games (the Primary Collection) are supplied with two versions of the same adventure - one at a level suitable for challenged readers, children who require more support, or for whom English is an additional language. In the Supported Learning version, the story, evidence and outcome are the same, but the language is simpler and more accessible. Both games can be played alongside each other, so the whole class can work and learn together, at whichever level they need.

All scenes, documents and supporting files are supplied as a digital download in a variety of formats enabling students to use text to speech regardless of device. Sleuth IT runs on all formats: iPad, Android, Chromebook, Surface, Mac and Windows PC. 


All Sleuth IT games come with a detailed Student Journal in Book Creator Keynote, Powerpoint and Google Slides formats

Our games bring to life key areas of the curriculum, so that learning is embedded. Students experience life in Ancient Rome while investigating the disappearance of a political figure; uncover the secrets of Ancient Egyptian while tracking down the source of a mystery illness affecting an archaeologist; and learn about the planets while exploring a missing spacecraft.