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(Regular and SL versions included)

The Primary Collection consists of 5 games for the price of 4 offering extremely good value and a set of games that span the Primary age range. Comprising: Who Ate the Cake?, Master Chef, Solar, The Case of the Mummy’s Curse and A Riddle of Rome.

The following Sleuth IT games; Master Chef, SOLAR, The Case of the Mummy’s Curse, A and Riddle of Rome have SL, (Supported Learning) versions included. This means that students can access either version of the game from the Sleuth IT app. The SL version uses simpler English with a reduced vacabulary throughout the game. In addition, further differentiated resources, eg: simpler journals, newspaper articles, etc are supplied on the USB drive in different formats (usually Book Creator and Keynote). These games are ideal for:
Students with English as a second language
Slower readers
and can be used with this in mind from Primary through to Secondary students

All of the games listed above are in the Primary Collection making them extremely good value. All Primary games have two versions supplied, the regular game and supported learning version, triiggered simultaneously by the iBeacons for differentiated learning.

A Whole Term’s Work
Each Sleuth IT game comes with a full term’s worth of resource materials for the teacher and student. A Teacher’s Guide, Student Dossier, and 25 lessons and iPad projects, project files and resources for the whole term are supplied in the Sleuth IT box.

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Differentiated Resources
A key element of Sleuth IT games is the differentiated resources for students at all levels.

Because children learn at different rates, and have different levels of ability, all our KeyStage 2 games (the Primary Collection) are supplied with two versions of the same adventure - one at a level suitable for challenged readers, children who require more support, or for whom English is an additional language. In the Supported Learning version, the story, evidence and outcome are the same, but the language is simpler and more accessible. Both games can be played alongside each other, so the whole class can work and learn together, at whichever level they need.

All scenes, documents and supporting files are supplied on the Sleuth IT USB drive in a variety of formats enabling the iPad read to me function to be accessed.

All Sleuth IT games have a free lesson available to download to use with the content immediately available in the free to download app. Visit each game’s page to access the free lesson.

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All Sleuth IT games feature 10 detailed iPad projects relevant to the game
All projects are based on useful workflows that are useful right across the curriculum

Some example projects from different games are shown below

The Dossier (all games)

The Sleuth IT dossier is in Book Creator and Keynote formats, taking students through every aspect of the game, typically scaffolding the whole term’s work.

White Board Project

Using a white board application to explain computational thinking to solve aspects of the game

Comic Book Project

Using Book Creator, Pages or Keynote to create a comic based on the game (SOLAR) 

Green Screen Report

Creating a news report ‘on location’. 10 high quality images are supplied from the game for this purpose

Collating Data

Creating and using a spreadsheet in Numbers to collate information for all the evidence at the scene of the crime (Film Star Fatality) 

Mind Mapping Project

Creating a map of the Back Streets of Rome using Padlet Lite or Keynote (template supplied)

Newspaper Article 

Using Pages to create a front page news  article  (a template is supplied in the resources folder on the Sleuth IT USB drive)  

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Evidence Wall

Creating an evidence wall as a collaborative project for collating data with Padlet or Numbers

Teacher’s Guide

The Sleuth IT teacher’s guide is a comprehensive step by step reference that comes with every game and covers: 

- Setting up student iPads 
- How to use the resources throughout the term
- All aspects and details of the game
- Different scenarios for using the iBeacons
- Clues (when needed!)
- Assessment
- Curriculum mapping  
- Technical suggestions where needed (example using Green screen apps)