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The Curse of the Redwood Rubies
Do you have what it takes to solve the Curse of the Redwood Rubies?

Lady Ruby Redwood lies motionless at the bottom of the grand staircase of her husband’s ancestral home, Redwood Manor. Meanwhile the Redwood Rubies, valuable and reputed to be cursed with the power to bring misfortune should they ever leave the house, have mysteriously vanished. The house guests claim to have heard nothing out of the ordinary. Lady Ruby was in good health and good spirits when she was seen just moments before. Has she slipped and fallen, or is this something more suspicious?

Why does Lord Redwood appear to think he is to blame for what happened to his wife?
What caused the mysterious marks on Lady Ruby’s neck?
Where are the famous Redwood Rubies, and are they really “cursed”?
Who was the recent visitor to the house, and why did he and Lord Redwood quarrel so fiercely?
Why does Bathsheba think the Redwoods are trying to cheat her of her inheritance?

The answer to these, and other questions, will help you uncover the truth and solve this mystery.

Do you have what it takes to solve the Curse of the Redwood Rubies?

A Whole Term’s Work
Each Sleuth IT game comes with a term’s worth of resource materials for the teacher and student. A Teacher’s Guide and Student Journal (together with additional project files and templates) scaffold the lessons and projects on an episode by episode basis. Sleuth IT is designed to be used in class and working from home.

In game footage and exemplar material from the student journal are shown below.