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The Case of the Mummy’s Curse 
 The mummy’s curse - foolish superstition, or sinister fact?

Lord Frederick Carlton, famed Egyptian explorer, lies gravely ill, just as he should be celebrating the most exciting discovery of his career, an ancient tomb at his excavation site.
Struck down by a mystery illness at the moment of his triumph, he needs your help to identify what ails him before it is too late. Has he fallen victim to the Mummy’s Curse, or is there a deeper mystery to unravel?
Experience the excitement of exploring an Ancient Egyptian tomb and its artefacts as you attempt to unravel this complex case piecing together the evidence, separating fact from fiction.
Join Inspector Bartram as he takes time out from his walking holiday to try and solve the mystery – seeking out evidence, searching the dig site, interviewing British archaeologists and Egyptian professors, and entering the tomb and exploring its hidden treasures to try and work out what really happened.

A Whole Term’s Work
Each Sleuth IT game comes with a term’s worth of resource materials for the teacher and student. A Teacher’s Guide and Student Journal (together with additional project files and templates) scaffold the lessons and projects on an episode by episode basis. Sleuth IT is designed to be used in class and working from home.

In game footage and exemplar material from the student journal are shown below.