45 minute Sleuth IT taster session

Sleuth IT taster sessions are often delivered remotely by Zoom with teachers accessing the games online as their students would in lessons. 

The taster sessions allow teachers to experience a variety of the media in the games as well as the range of resources for the lesson activities. 

Taster sessions can be booked through our contact page here and scheduled for a time convenient to the school. 


Games that make you think!

Gamification has been proven to engage and excite children, and get them involved in learning. Sleuth IT games use a range of multimedia in a bespoke application to create an intriguing ‘whodunnit’ adventure game to be solved.

The range of content in each Sleuth IT game is designed to develop reading ability, comprehension, problem solving skills, critical thinking, collaboration, all within a project based framework aligned to curriculum outcomes. The wide range of resources and lesson ideas provided with the games are designed to encourage creativity across the curriculum.

The current Sleuth IT showreel can be viewed above.