Master Chef

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Gourmet Chef of the World is one of catering’s most prestigious competitions, but one of this year’s competitors is unlikely to be taking home the top prize, as someone’s offering appears to have literally poisoned the judge! Your students will have to examine the contestants and their recipes to determine exactly what – or who – is responsible for the Master Chef Mystery.

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The Master Chef Mystery – Sabotage, negligence, or murder? It is up to your students to decide.

The final of the prestigious Gourmet Chef of the World competition is in chaos following the sudden collapse of senior judge Gaston DuChamps during the tasting.

Not known to have any allergies, and famed for his iron constitution and willingness to try anything, the world renowned chef collapsed whilst judging the ‘cakes, desserts and petit fours’ section of the contest.

Your students join Inspector Bartram as he investigates the case. They are responsible for examining the crime scene and piecing together vital evidence. They will need to visit the forensic, biology and toxicology labs, and additional areas, to discover what clues have been left behind.

This resource can be delivered via various methods, including a linear or non-linear manner. A range of strategies are detailed on the website offering suggested lesson plans, together with a complete scheme of work to support delivery.

The Master Chef Mystery utilises gamification techniques designed to challenge and engage students within a stimulating digital environment.This resource is fully interactive, and delivered via iBeacon technology direct to your students’ devices. Each “section” of the mystery is designed to encourage students to develop their critical thinking skills to seek out, collate and evaluate information to achieve a logical solution.

Who could have a possible motive for getting Gaston out of the way?

What does the blood analysis reveal about the victim?

Why did two of the chefs fall out with Gaston?

Why did Gaston disapprove of Hector’s cooking methods?

The answers to these, and other questions, will help you uncover the truth, and solve the mystery.

Master Chef Projects

All Sleuth IT cases come with ten detailed projects available with supporting documentation, differentiated teaching materials  and media on the Sleuth IT USB drive.

Evidence dossier*
Comic Strip*
News Report*
Crack the Code
Evidence Analysis
Organising data
Character project
Forensic facts
Explain Everything project
Conclusions – submitting your report
This document maps All Sleuth IT casesto the competencies covered!

Curriculum objectives covered are on the development of pupil’s competence in numeracy and mathematics, language and literacy across the curriculum and across a range of curriculum areas. For further enquiries, case ideas or technical support please contact us.