Film Star Fatality

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The film world is the ultimate in make believe, but the death of leading lady Helen Hartwell proves all too real when she collapses at a star studded production party and cannot be revived. Did she eat something which triggered one of her well-known allergies? The chef hotly denies any liability, but can he be trusted? Your students must walk the red carpet themselves to hunt down the solution to The Film Star Fatality.

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What killed Helen Hartwell – murder or misadventure?

Helen Hartwell, one of the film world’s A-list leading ladies, collapses and dies during a pre-production party for her latest blockbuster movie, Galactic Dawn II: Beyond the Stars.

Well-known for her severe food allergies, and a prominent member of lobby group Action Against Anaphylaxis, it seems she has succumbed to some sort of allergic reaction. But is this a tragic accident, or something more sinister?

Join Inspector Bartram and celebrity reporter Madison Morgan as they identify and interview prominent names from the film world; locate and examine evidence; search the hotel where the event was taking place; check the kitchens for anything which may have contributed to the tragedy; evaluate the suspects and their statements; get to the bottom of inconsistencies and anomalies and work out what really happened.

Why were some people less than happy with Helen’s casting in the role?

What was behind the rift with Helen and her co-star?

Why was the Head Chef on a final warning with the hotel?

Why had Helen dropped her regular casting agent in favour of their main rival?

Where was Helen’s epi-pen when she needed it?

The answers to these, and other questions, will help you uncover the truth, and solve the mystery.

Film Star Fatality Projects

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News Report
Crack the Code
Evidence Analysis
Organising data
Character project
Forensic facts
Explain Everything project
Conclusions – submitting your report
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