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Sabotage, negligence, or murder? It is up to your students to decide.

Gaston DuChamps, master chef, and judge of the annual Gourmet Chef of the World competition, lies dead in the dining room of the Grand Hotel, a broken plate in pieces at his feet. Has he been taken ill, assaulted, or poisoned? Or is something else responsible for his sudden collapse?

What had Gaston been eating when he collapsed, and did this contribute?

Whose unusual ingredients have been raising eyebrows across the catering world?

Who makes no secret of his disapproval of the flashy newcomer to the competition?

Is there any significance in the fact that two chefs were docked valuable points by the victim the day before?

Who believes Gaston’s harsh marking knocked him straight out of last year’s competition?

The answer to these, and other questions, will help you uncover the truth and solve this mystery.

Do you have what it takes to solve the Master Chef Mystery?

A Whole Term’s Work
Each Sleuth IT game comes with a term’s worth of resource materials for the teacher and student. A Teacher’s Guide and Student Journal (together with additional project files and templates) scaffold the lessons and projects on an episode by episode basis. Sleuth IT is designed to be used in class and working from home.

In game footage and exemplar material from the student journal are shown below.