Frequently Asked Questions

 I’d like to try Sleuth IT with a class before I proceed. Is this possible?  
Yes! Contact us to arrange access to a full episode from one of our games for a time limited period complete with the matching extract from the Detective Journal and some resources. 

Are subscriptions available for more than one year?
- Yes. Longer subscriptions are available with attractive increased discount benefits

Can Sleuth IT be integrated with our existing VLE (virtual learning environment). 
Yes. We’ve assisted a number of schools to fully integrate our games and resources into their VLE framework so that students access individual episodes as directed by the teacher. This is very easy to do and we are happy to assist with images, resources and links. 

How does Sleuth IT comply with General Data Protection Regulation IGDPR) legislation? 
- Sleuth IT games are accessed via a student 6 digit log in code, supplied to the school on subscription purchase. No personal information, eg email, user name, password data etc is used at any time. 

Can I use my iPad, Android tablet, Windows surface, Apple or Windows PC? 
Yes! Sleuth IT games are accessed in a browser. Note: smart phones are not reccomended - the screens are too small for a quality experience.

Can I share the classroom resoures locally or on Google Drive, Showbie, iCloud etc. 
Yes. We encourage schools to make our resources as easily available as possible to their students. 

I’m interested, but not ready to buy. What’s the best way forward? 
Contact us here to arrange a Sleuth IT ‘coffee chat’ where we can talk you through Sleuth IT in more detail, show you extracts from the games and the resources available or book a taster for your staff to play some of the episodes to evaluate how Sleuth IT may work in your school. 

Can users share log ins? 
No. Every Sleuth IT log in is unique. Sharing these beyond your purchased subscription number is a violation of our terms of use. 

Can I re-assign my licenses? 
No. Sleuth IT subscriptions are per head per class. We try to make our pricing as attractive as possible, however, sharing these beyond your purchased subscription for a class is a violation of our terms of use.

Do you offer support and/or training? 
Sleuth IT are heavily committed to supporting schools to ensure their games are utilised to the full. Training is available at any time, pre and post sale for as many teachers that require it, whenever required. (Within reason!!!). 

How does a school purchase or get a quote from Sleuth IT? 
A school, school district or other educational institutions can purchase Sleuth IT subscriptions with a purchase order or with a credit card. The prices quoted on this page will give you an idea of the costs involved. Please note we recognise all schools are different and have different needs. Do contact us to discuss how we can work with you! 

I am not charge of payment. What are my next steps? 
Contact us here to discuss your needs, set up, requirements etc. Then we can supply a quote to be shared with your decision makers and your procurement or business office so that they can complete payment. Log in codes are not supplied until payment is completed. 

Does Sleuth IT work with G Suite for Education or Office 365? 
Yes. We are currently building G Suite integration into our website and guidance for how maximise using Sleuth IT games within cloud based platforms.