Master Chef

Andrew Lynch
is the IT creative at Bellleville Primary School, London. Belleville use five Sleuth IT titles across different year groups. Belleville school host a single game in one day! Students work from 9am to the end of the school day where they present their finding to the rest of the class. The detective journal is used to scaffold the work, omitting the additional educational content and project work. The focus being group work, collaboration, the development of critical thinking skills and of course, engagement wiht literacy work! 


Who ate the cake?

Southview school use five Sleuth IT games across different year groups. Scarlett Whistlecroft is the digital lead for Sleuth IT at Southview, her class of 8/9 years working with ‘Who ate the cake?’ over the course of a term. Staff utlised Book Creator’s free account allowance of 40 books to take advantage of the easy to use, ‘read to me’ function and a video on how to do this can be viewed here. 

Students created a CSI style ‘evidence board’ (image below), which is the perfect example of taking the Sleuth IT experience and creating a collaborative workspace where students share ideas and theories as well as feedbacl on each other’s work. 




Who ate the cake?

Isabell and Maja have taught parallel classes of 9 year olds students with ‘Master Chef?’ on Lenovo tablets with Google workspace as the teaching resource; Google slides, docs and Google Classroom as the classroom management system. The feedback has shown that students that traditionally would be left behind, or give up with their English literacy work are more positive, engaged and performing at a level higher than what has previously been experienced. 


Video transcript

My name is Isabell Kristiansen and this is Maja Stamnes. We work at Tanem school in Trondheim, which is located in Norway. This year we have started a project in collaboration with Joe Moretti - the game Sleuth IT. We have 38 students, divided into two classes. They are 9 years old. We have chosen to start with a game called “Who ate the cake?”. We wanted them to face a game that was relatively easy. We are very pleased with this game and the opportunity it gives students to meet the English language in text and sound. It has been very motivating for the students to play Sleuth IT. They have worked in groups of two or three and they have worked well together. They have also written a lot of English.

We have not finished playing the game yet, so it is still very exciting for the students [to discover] who ate the carrot cake. They are very keen to continue working on the game, because they are excited about the continuation. We have gained some experience around individual students who often start an English class by saying: I do not know English. When we work with English at school they do not participate in the activity. They often think they have nothing to contribute. When we introduced Sleuth IT we see that by working in groups and building on their interests into the English classes, we promote motivation, and those who have not participated so much in the English classes before have been really good contributors in the group. They participate and do their best. Several have gone from being underachievers to being good at collaborating. We see progress in the English language among the students.
This is very interesting to be a part of. In addition to working with English, the children also get to work digitally. It is a nice combination for the students, because both data and games are a motivating factor for the students. They have used tools like Google translate, they are looking for facts on the internet that can support them in theories. This has been very exciting and it has done a lot for the English teaching in our class. We would very much like to continue with this collaboration, and play more Sleuth IT with our class.



Ski school, Norway is a class taught by Mette Brandt Bjerknaes. A class of x year olds using The Case of the Mummy’s Curse.

" The kids have thoroughly enjoyed the process and each new episode was greeted with great enthusiasm and joy. The kids took turns delegating tasks and it was absolutely wonderful to watch. Sleuth IT has helped the slower learners to enjoy working with the English language and the overall view of the subject has massively improved. The unforeseeable days during the pandemic has definitely made teaching consistency difficult, but Sleuth IT has really been brilliant to use, both in the classroom and at home."



A class of 15 year old students, working with Mark Cosgrove with English as a second language with the Sleuth IT game, The Auction House Atrocity. 

‘.. the students were motivated both individually and in groups. I experienced groups of (previously) unmotivated boys ecstatic that they had cracked the code for example, after reading a short text..'


Laugarnesskóli, Iceland

Emma Danielson is the teacher delivering English lessons at Laugarnesskóli using Master Chef. A mixed class of boys and girls.

“Sleuth IT was a huge success, not least that it is a unique approach to teaching English” 


Parklands College, RSA

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