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Gamification for Education

Gamification for Education
Gamification for Education

Sleuth IT is a Valuable Resource

Sleuth IT was initially developed as a location based induction activity to familiarise new students with the layout of a school; however we quickly realised that it could prove an equally valuable resource for use within the classroom.

Gamification is well documented for its positive influence in encouraging and engaging students in the learning process, and the range of content within a Sleuth IT case is designed to develop reading ability, comprehension, problem solving skills, critical thinking, collaboration, all within a project based framework aligned to curriculum outcomes.

Our cases have been used across all levels of education, from primary activities to parents’ evenings, and we have an exciting range of titles to choose from, spanning several areas of the curriculum, from the Ancient Egyptians to the Solar System.

Sleuth IT was born from two education concepts

Concept 1

Devising a project to inspire students, especially boys, to enjoy literacy work and develop better reading and understanding skills.

Concept 2

Using iBeacon technology to enable students to improve their critical thinking skills via a dynamic and enjoyable multi media experience.

Get on the case with Sleuth IT

The initial crime scene information for all cases can be viewed and experienced at all times in the Sleuth IT app.

Gamification for Education
Gamification for Education