Adventure Games for Literacy

Hi! I’m Joe Moretti, a teacher with almost 40 year’s experience in the classroom. I’ve taught at Primary, Secondary, Further Education and University levels, and have experienced the growing problem of engaging students, particularly boys, in literacy.


With my wife Fi, I developed  Sleuth IT as a resource to address this challenge. Fi has written study guides for literacy and developed a range of  interactive Nearpod resources for English literature work.

Sleuth IT games use a range of multimedia in a bespoke application to create an intriguing ‘whodunnit’ adventure game to be solved. We decided to use elements of  gamification throughout as this has been proven to engage and excite children, and we thought we would bring this medium into the classroom and use it in the learning process.

The range of content in each Sleuth IT game is designed to develop reading ability, comprehension, problem solving skills, critical thinking, collaboration, all within a project based framework aligned to curriculum outcomes.

Sleuth IT was born from two education concepts

Concept 1

Devising a project to inspire students, especially boys, to enjoy literacy work and develop better reading and understanding skills.

Concept 2

Using iBeacon technology to enable students to improve their critical thinking skills via a dynamic and enjoyable multi media experience.

Gamification for Education
Gamification for Education