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Sleuth IT

The Sleuth IT iBeacon Murder Mystery Box!

Each Sleuth IT iBeacon Murder Mystery Box contains everything you need for your event. iBeacons, quick set up guide and USB flash drive full of supporting documents, videos and the solution to your murder mystery.

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Sleuth IT

Sleuth IT use iBeacon technology to provide interactive murder mystery experiences compatible with iOS and Android devices of all sizes.

Each murder mystery is fully contained within its own set of iBeacons, which are portable, easy to set up, and can be used anywhere, time and time again. A wifi connection is required to download the murder mystery app, but once installed the game can be played offline.

Within the app and iBeacons you will find all the details of the crime – a video of the crime scene, a dossier on all characters, animated statements and interviews, together with a variety of supplementary evidence (or red herrings!) – visual clues, documents, objects and scenes to examine and explore.


There are also a few puzzles, codes and ciphers to work out along the way to keep players on their toes!

Not all of our suspects are entirely truthful, and not all our evidence is immediately apparent, but each murder mystery does contain all the information and evidence needed to solve the crime.

Our mysteries are engaging, intriguing and a lot of fun. Whether you are a venue looking to entertain your guests, a business looking for a great team building exercise, or a group of friends organising something a bit different, Murder-Inc has a package to suit your needs. Our murders have been solved in conferences, holiday resorts, schools, business events and social gatherings, all over the world.


Auction House Atrocity

Who killed George Christoby?

George Christoby, senior partner of prestigious Auction House, Christoby’s, lies dead in his office, the antique gun that killed him clutched in his own hand. Was this murder, or suicide?

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Death Comes To Donnington

The Donnington Tragedy – accident, negligence, or murder?

What caused Austin Healy, world class racing driver, to suddenly lose control of his car during the Donnington Cup race, with fatal results?

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Film Star Fatality

What killed Helen Hartwell – murder or misadventure?

Helen Hartwell, one of the film world’s A-list leading ladies, collapses and dies during a pre-production party for her latest blockbuster movie, Galactic Dawn II: Beyond the Stars.

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Sleuth IT

The Master Chef Murder

An interactive, multi-media curriculum resource delivered using iBeacon technology.

The final of the prestigious Gourmet Chef of the World competition is in chaos following the sudden collapse of senior judge Gaston DuChamps during the tasting.

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