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Gamification for Education

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Gamification for Education
Gamification for Education

What is Sleuth IT?

A series of interactive whodunnits for the classroom.

Sleuth IT is an education resource devised to inspire students to develop the 5 Cs within a topic based learning environment.

Each Sleuth IT Educational Case is an engaging, interactive whodunnit mystery that will encourage your students to collaborate, evaluate, problem solve, and develop their literacy and numeracy skills, through the use of gamification.

How does it work?

iBeacon technology transforms your classroom into a series of scenes from a whodunnit.

Your students will access a wide range of multi media content via their own hand held devices (iOS and Android), examine and analyse all information and use it to solve a mystery case.

There are films of witness statements and interviews, 360 degree panoramics to be explored, documentary evidence, visual clues, challenging puzzles and conundrums, plus a range of interactive scenes and objects to examine and evaluate. The cases, graphics and literature are not violent and don’t advocate use of violence.

What will my students learn?

SleuthIT Educational App for the Classroom focuses on the 5 Cs, within a topic based context.

All our mysteries encourage the 5 Cs, and all are aligned to curriculum based outcomes, so that project work and learning can go hand in hand with the development of 21st century skills.

Critical Thinking
Computational Thinking

What’s included in a Sleuth IT Educational App case?

Everything you need to deliver an exciting and engaging learning experience.

Every Sleuth IT box contains a set of iBeacons for a complete mystery case, and all accompanying classroom resources.

Gamification for Education
Gamification for Education
Gamification for Education
Gamification for Education

How do I get on the case with Sleuth IT?

Book a place on a free Sleuth IT taster event, listed on our events page.

We can also be contacted directly via the website and we will put you in touch with a stockist in your area.
A full list of stockists can be found on the website contact page.