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Hi! I’m Joe Moretti, an educator with almost 40 years’ experience in the classroom. I’ve taught at Primary, Secondary, Further Education and University levels, and have experienced the growing problem of engaging students - particularly boys - in literacy. 
I’ve worked with schools in over 40 countries as an Apple Educator and the growing need to focus on improving literacy skills (amongst others!) is a common goal in every school. Schools are using Sleuth IT cases with students at all levels whether with students with English as first or second language. 

My wife Fi has written study guides for literacy and developed a range of interactive Nearpod resources for English Literature work. Fi works with students with additional needs and recognises the challenge of providing inclusive activities for students of differing levels and abilities. 

Sleuth IT cases come with with the differentiated resources required to engage students at all levels.

So we decided to put our skills together and work to come up with a solution.

We first developed Sleuth IT adventure games as a taster day activity to help orientate Year 7 students around their new secondary schools, but soon realised its potential as a classroom resource in its own right.

We found the adventure game format and “whodunnit” style narrative worked to connect the enjoyment of a gaming experience with active learning. Whilst students were enjoying the game, they were developing their literacy, numeracy and essential core skills.

As we developed the games we realised differentiated levels of
Resources would promote the inclusivity of students of all abilities. All our Primary (Key stage 2) games come with two versions of the same game, with scaffolded learning for more challenged students so they can participate fully and share the same experience. 

Games that make you think!

Gamification has been proven to engage and excite children, and get them involved in learning. Sleuth IT games use a range of multimedia in a bespoke application to create an intriguing ‘whodunnit’ adventure game to be solved.

The range of content in each Sleuth IT game is designed to develop reading ability, comprehension, problem solving skills, critical thinking, collaboration, all within a project based framework aligned to curriculum outcomes. The wide range of resources and lesson ideas provided with the games are designed to encourage their creativity across the curriculum.

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