Teachers are busy!

We understand the challenges of teaching in today’s classrooms, balancing delivering lessons with meeting curriculum outcomes, whilst integrating IT and engaging your students.

We can help you meet those challenges with the Sleuth IT series of adventure games.

Sleuth IT games enable teachers to deliver engaging sessions to their students to help them achieve curriculum outcomes, through the effective use of IT within the classroom.

Sleuth IT games are designed to save you time in lesson preparation. Each game come with a whole term’s worth of varied and interesting lessons, activities and extension projects for your students.

A key element of working on a Sleuth IT game is the development of creative iPad workflows and IT skills that are transferable to any lesson or curriculum area. 

With each Sleuth IT game in our series you will:

- save time in lesson preparation with our Teacher Guides designed to take you and your students through each step of the game

- receive a wide range of resources for use in conjunction with the game and lesson ideas differentiated according to the learning abilities of your students.

- receive a whole term’s worth of lesson plans and activities

- Integrate effective iPad workflows within your classroom.

All Sleuth IT games are aligned to the National Curriculum, enabling you to achieve and demonstrate required outcomes.

The example below shows Film Star Fatality mapped against the National Curriculum outcomes at Primary level for Reading and Writing comprehension

The Time Machine Taster Session

The Time Machine taster session is a complete Sleuth IT game experience designed for teachers! The above images are from recent taster sessions.

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